Minor in Hospitality Management

Hospitality and tourism is a leading industry in the state of Florida. The minor in hospitality management increases career opportunities and provides diverse skills to your major.


The Hospitality Management minor consists of 12 hours, including both HFT 1000 (3) Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism and HFT 3240 (3) Managing Service Organizations. The remaining two courses (6 hours) may be any HFT prefix course.

  • At least 6 of the 12 credits must be completed at FSU.
  • Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses used to satisfy the minor.
  • This minor is not available to students pursuing a major in hospitality and tourism management or a major in global club management and leadership.

Program of Study

The minor requires the completion of four courses, totaling 12 credit hours.

Required Courses:

Course Description Hours
HFT 1000 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism 3
HFT 3240 Managing Service Organizations 3
Total Required Course Hours: 6

Electives (Choose 2):
The remaining two courses (6 hours) may be any HFT prefix course. Courses we especially recommend include any of the courses listed below. Due to space limitations, courses may be reserved for majors students only in certain semesters.

Course Description Hours
HFT 2060 Coffee, Tea, & International Culture 3
HFT 2061 International Ales & Lagers 3
HFT 2062 International Wine & Culture 3
HFT 2063 Distilled Spirits & International Culture 3
HFT 2080 International Protocol 3
HFT 2452 Hospitality Supply Management 3
HFT 2710 International Travel and Tourism 3
HFT 2716 International Travel and Culture 3
HFT 2890 International Food & Culture 3
HFT 3519 Convention Services and Event Management 3
HFT 3542 Event Management 3
HFT 3700 Tourism Management & the Environment 3
HFT 3771 Introduction to Maritime Hospitality 3
HFT 3891 Global Food Controversy 3
HFT 4064 Ales & Lagers
(students ages 21 and older)
HFT 4448 Technology & Big Data Applications in Hospitality and Tourism 3
HFT 4866 Wine and Culture
(students ages 21 and older)
HFT 4930 Special Topics in Hospitality Administration 3
Total Elective Hours: 6

Requesting Certificate

If you would like a formal certificate confirming completion of the Hospitality Management Minor: