Marriott Career and Professional Development Center

About the Center

In 2018, the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation established the Dedman College of Hospitality’s Marriott Career and Professional Development Center with a gift providing for renovations of facilities and an endowed fund to support the center’s ongoing operations.

The Dedman College of Hospitality’s Marriott Career and Professional Development Center prepares students to launch careers in the hospitality industry. The center:

  • Provides space for online and in-person recruiting, resume and cover letter building activities, and branded events aimed at connecting industry professionals with Dedman students.
  • Connects students seeking guidance in preparation for their hospitality careers with alumni and industry partners through the Hospitality Mentorship Program.
  • Hosts Interview Prep Workshops designed to prepare students to successfully master interviews.
  • Coordinates Career & Internship Expos each fall and spring semester. These events welcome approximately 40-50 top hospitality organizations to recruit the best and brightest Dedman students. 
  • Promotes educational and research programs through experiential learning, including familiarization trips, travel to student conferences and networking opportunities.

The activities of the Dedman College of Hospitality’s Marriott Career and Professional Development Center expose students to outstanding professionals who engage and inspire. The Center offers a space where students meet the industry; a place where they prepare for their future hospitality careers.


If your company is interested in recruiting, you can learn more here.


Alishia H. Piotrowski, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean
Director, Marriott Career & Professional Development Center
UCB 4104

Tuition Waivers for supervising FSU student interns

The Intern Participation Waiver (also referred to as the IPC or Certificate of Participation [COP]) provides that persons who supervise interns for institutions within the State University System may be given one non-transferable certificate (fee waiver) for each full academic term during which the person serves as an intern supervisor. The certificate shall waive the tuition fee as defined in Board of Governors Regulation 7.001. The current value of the Intern Participation Waiver is $105.07 per credit hour for undergraduate coursework and $403.51 per credit hour for graduate coursework. Note: This does not include additional university assessed fees. For a full breakdown of tuition and fees, see:

To qualify for the Intern Participation Waiver, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Certificate holders are entitled to a waiver of tuition for a maximum of six (6) credit hours of instruction (including undergraduate, graduate, and credit through continuing education) during a single term.
  2. Certificates are valid for three (3) years from the date of issuance.
  3. Eligible recipients of an Intern Participation Certificate may be identified by a university as a person who engages in the direct supervision of at least one university intern for 300 contact hours, which may be accumulated over multiple semesters provided at least 100 contact hours of direct supervision is provided per semester.
  4. The internship program must be an essential part of the course of instruction and must be required as part of the degree (all Dedman College students are required to complete an internship, so this is the case with all our students).
  5. Individual certificates must be used within a single term and any remaining balance on a certificate cannot be carried forward for multiple terms.

Certificate Issuance
If you have supervised a Dedman College of Hospitality intern, for at least 300 hours, and would like to request an Intern Participation Waiver, please complete the Intern Participation Waiver Request Form.

When your request is received, we will verify that your student intern completed a minimum of 300 hours and will issue you a Certificate of Participation. When a certificate is issued, the recipient has three years, from that issue date, to redeem.

This certificate should be signed by the Program Administrator, the Academic Dean (or designee), and ultimately the Recipient. Signed certificates are submitted to the Office of Student Business Services by email at or by mailing to:

FSU Student Business Services
Attn: Waiver Coordinator
A1500 University Center
P.O. Box 3062394
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2394