Minor in Recreation and Tourism Management

Complement your major and career skills with education in leadership, special events, and recreation programming.


The minor requires the completion of four courses, totaling 12 credit hours.

  • A grade of “C minus” or better must be earned in each course counted toward the minor.
  • This minor is not available to students pursuing a major in recreation and tourism management.

Program of Study

The program of study consists of one required course, two program elective courses, and one HFT approved elective course for a total of four courses and 12 credit hours.

  • Due to space limitations, courses may be reserved for major students only in certain semesters.

The below program of study reflects the curriculum for the minor in Recreation and Tourism Management for students beginning the in Summer 2024 or later. To view the minor curriculum prior to Summer 2024, please click here.

Students who are unsure about which curriculum they're to follow should contact an academic advisor.

Required Courses:

Course Description Hours
LEI 1000 Introduction to Recreation 3
Total Credit Hours: 3

Minor Program Electives (Select 2):

Course Description Hours
LEI 1181 Leisure and Recreation Adaptations for All Ages and Abilities 3
LEI 3266 Outdoor Adventure Education 3
LEI 3545 Marina Management* 3
HFT 3100 Introduction to Global Club Management (Summers Only) 3
Total Credit Hours: 6

HFT Approved Elective:

Course Description Hours
HFT **** Students may choose any HFT prefix course from this list:
Electives | Dedman College of Hospitality
Total Credit Hours: 3

*Prior to fall 2024, LEI 3545 was HFT 3771. Either HFT 3771 or LEI 3545 may meet the LEI 3545 requirement.

Requesting Certificate

If you would like a formal certificate confirming completion of the Recreation and Tourism minor: