Elective Requirements: Students must earn a “C-“ or better in each course.

All courses are 3 credit hours unless noted otherwise. Please note that not all electives are offered every semester/year.

Course Description Notes
HFT 2060 Coffee and Tea  
HFT 2061 Ales, Lagers, and International Culture (d)  
HFT 2062 International Wine and Culture (d)  
HFT 2063 Distilled Spirits  
HFT 2080 International Protocol (d)  
HFT 2452 Hospitality Supply Management  
HFT 2704 A Survey of Ecotourism (c) Part of Costa Rica study-abroad program
HFT 2710 International Travel and Tourism   
HFT 2716 International Travel and Culture (d)  
HFT 2801 Tequila, Agave, Spirits and Culture  
HFT 2876 Italian Wine and Culture (f) Part of Florence study-abroad program
HFT 2890 International Food and Culture (d)  
HFT 2895 Italian Food and Culture (f) Part of Florence study-abroad program
HFT 3100 Introduction to Global Club Management Not an elective for GCML majors;
only available in summer semester
HFT 3221 Human Resource Management  
HFT 3240 Managing Service Organizations  
HFT 3242 Communication in Hospitality (w)  
HFT 3519 Convention Services and Event Management  
HFT 3542 Event Management  
HFT 3544 Psychology of Customer Experience  
HFT 3700 Tourism Management and the Environment Not an elective for RT majors
HFT 3771 Introduction to Maritime Hospitality  
HFT 3891 Global Food Controversy  
HFT 4064 Ales, Lagers, and Culture Must be 21 or older
HFT 4448 Technology & Big Data Applications in Hospitality and Tourism  
HFT 4866 Wine and Culture Must be 21 or older
HFT 4905 DIS (Directed Individual Study) Permission of instructor, 0-12 credit hours
HFT 4930 Special Topics in Hospitality Permission of instructor
HFT 4970 Honors Thesis Permission of instructor
LEI 1181 Leisure, Recreation, and Adaptation (d)  
LEI 2318 Events, Ethics, and Sustainability (e)  
LEI 3266 Outdoor Adventure  
LEI 3312 Introduction to Special Events  
LEI 4314 Event Operations and Management  
LEI 4561 Event Promotions  
LEI 4864 Technology for Events (dl)  

(d) Fulfills university diversity course requirement

(e) Fulfills university ethics course requirement

(dl) Fulfills university digital literacy requirement

(f) Course offered only through the Florence study-abroad program

(c) Course offered only through the Costa Rica study-abroad program

(w) Upper-division writing course