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Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship Program


Learning experiences that take place in a hospitality business environment complement a student’s classroom education. Work and internship experiences required of our Hospitality & Tourism Management majors assure that you are acquainted with actual hospitality industry work environments. These practical experiences supplement academic subject matter and serve to guide you in securing successful employment upon graduation.

Hospitality Work Experience Requirement

All students majoring in Hospitality & Tourism Management (see different requirements for students majoring in Global Club Management & Leadership) are required to complete 1,000 hours of acceptable hospitality industry work experience. At least 250 hours of the hours worked (480 hours for those admitted to the program before 2014-15) must meet the school’s management internship experience requirement

General Information

  • At least 1,000 hours of acceptable hospitality industry work must be completed. There is a list of acceptable hospitality work below and if you have any questions, contact Alishia Piotrowski.


  • You will need to submit the hospitality work experience Student Report Form as proof of each work experience following its completion to receive academic credit even though you are not yet in HFT 4941 – Field Study in Hospitality Administration. Submit the form at any time but do not wait until your final (graduating) semester.
  • Ideally, you should have at least one semester remaining after completion of their required 1,000 hospitality work hours.
  • All Hospitality & Tourism Management majors are required to take HFT 4941 - Field Study in Hospitality Administration, a non-credit, self-directed online course. It is ideally taken in your final (graduating) semester following the completion of the required 1,000 hours of qualifying hospitality industry work experience. Although the course carries no credit, it must be successfully completed in order to graduate.
  • All Hospitality & Tourism Management majors are required to take HFT 3941 - Management Internship, an online course taken by students while working on an internship(s) to meet the 250-hour internship experience requirement (480 hours for students accepted before 2014-15) portion of the 1,000 hours of hospitality industry work experience.

Acceptable Work Experience
A Hospitality & Tourism Management major’s industry work experience should be varied. The best work experience will involve different jobs and increasing responsibility. Students working in one company are encouraged to work in more than one job to fulfill the 1,000-hour experience requirement unless their level of responsibility increases within the one position.

Below are examples of hospitality industry work experiences that qualify as acceptable and those which do not qualify as acceptable. If there is any question as to whether a position meets the hospitality work experience requirement, contact Alishia Piotrowski for clarification before accepting the position.

Hospitality work experiences that qualify as acceptable:

  • management trainee
  • front office position
  • night auditor
  • bell person
  • waiter/waitress/server/counter service person at a restaurant
  • host/hostess
  • maître d'hôtel
  • bartender or beverage waiter/waitress
  • kitchen helper
  • pantry person
  • cook or assistant cook
  • steward or assistant steward
  • banquet captain
  • catering/banquet sales
  • convention and event planning/management for private clubs, hotels, associations, corporations, weddings, etc.
  • apartment manager or similar position

Hospitality work experiences that do not qualify as acceptable:

  • lifeguard or pool manager
  • accounting work outside the hospitality industry
  • construction work
  • landscape architecture work
  • position in fraternity/sorority house
  • position in retail grocery/butcher shop
  • retail store clerk
  • entertainer
  • recreation
  • theme park ride attendant
  • parking attendant
  • dormitory manager or leasing consultant
  • ice cream/Smoothie shop (may count up to 200 hours)
  • sub-sandwich shop (may count up to 200 hours)
  • administrative/secretarial work
  • basic counter salesperson  at a bakery, cookie store, or retail food store

Student Responsibilities

  • To find employment. If you have any questions, contact Alishia Piotrowski
  • For each operation being used for work experience credit, assure that the employer completes both the online Employer Evaluation Form and also submits a signed copy to Alishia Piotrowski
  • For each operation being used for work experience credit, submit a Student Report Form as part of requirements for HFT 4941 - Field Study in Hospitality Administration

Faculty/Staff Responsibilities

  • Discuss requirements with students
  • Review performance reports from employers
  • Provide each student with information and assistance concerning jobs
  • May contact employers to verify work experience hours and performance
  • Coordinate meeting to discuss work experience
  • Grade industry experience reports

Internship Experience Requirements

General Information

  • As part of the 1,000 hours of hospitality work experience requirement, Hospitality & Tourism Management majors need to meet the school’s hospitality management internship experience requirement by working at least 250 hours (480 hours for students accepted before 2014-15) in one or more internships while taking the HFT 3941 - Management Internship course.
  • Each fall, the Dedman School of Hospitality’s Internship Expo brings leading hospitality organizations to the Florida State University campus seeking students specifically for internship opportunities.
  • Top hospitality industry partners of the Dedman School of Hospitality in the U.S. and abroad regularly offer a limited number of internship positions that we advertise to our students. See examples below of our Ireland Internship Program and Resort & Vacation Rental Management Concentration Internship.

Internship Requirements

  • Approval. Upon acquiring an internship, a Hospitality & Tourism Management major needs to have it approved by Alishia Piotrowski. Once the internship is approved, you will be signed up for the required course, HFT 3941 - Management Internship.
  • Course Credit. HFT 3941 - Management Internship is an online course you must complete while you are working in the internship. Because degree requirements changed beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, credit hours and internship work hours for the HFT 3941 - Management Internship course vary.
  • Participation Contract. The manager of the host organization and the intern each sign a commitment contract that includes the length of the internship, a weekly schedule, the rate of pay, and a commitment by each to abide by the policies of the host organization and the university.
  • Length of Internship and Supervision of Intern. Most internships are 10-15 consecutive weeks or one full semester, at 50 hours per week. International internships in Scotland are 6 months in length. The internship coordinator, Alishia Piotrowski, supervises each student in completing the HFT 3941 class and records completed hours.
  • Transportation, Housing and Wages. Students are responsible for transportation to and from the internship site. Hosting companies are not required to provide transportation or housing, although some may offer this as an attractive benefit. An internship may be paid or unpaid.
  • Experiential Rotation. Students should be rotated through at least two, but no more than five, positions or departments during their internship. Job descriptions, departmental goals, work schedules and dress code requirements should be provided to students prior to rotation. Performance expectations should be provided to interns in writing by each site supervisor.
  • Evaluation. Interns are evaluated by each site supervisor on a regular basis. Students also evaluate each internship experience.

For more information on internships, Hospitality & Tourism Management majors can contact the internship coordinator, Alishia Piotrowski.

Student Report Form

To receive academic credit for each completed or hospitality work or internship experience, Hospitality & Tourism Management majors need to complete and submit the Student Report Form.

Employer Evaluation Form

Employers should use the Employer Evaluation Form to evaluate and verify the work or internship experience of a student employee or intern.

After the online form is completed and before it is submitted, a copy should be printed out by the employer. After submitting the online form, the printed copy should be signed by the employer and either faxed to the attention of Alishia Piotrowski at 850-644-5565, scanned and emailed or mailed to:

Alishia Piotrowski
Director of Industry Relations
Dedman School of Hospitality
288 Champions Way, Room 4107
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2541

Employer Internship Request Form

Employers wishing to request an intern, should complete the Intern Request Form. The completed form will be received by our internship coordinator, Alishia Piotrowski.

Established Internship/Work Programs

In addition to internships and work experiences acquired individually by the student, the Dedman School of Hospitality has established internship/work programs that students may apply for:

Ireland Work Experience Program

  • Dedman School of Hospitality students have the unique opportunity to work in one of three five-star hotels in the heart of Dublin. The hotels are the Intercontinental HotelThe Westin and The Shelbourne Hotel – a Renaissance Marriott.
  • Students have the option to work at these hotels for either three or six months. Approximate dates are mid-May until either August or November (depending on whether the student chooses the three- or six-month option. Students who are graduating before the start of the experience have the option to work for up to one full year.
  • Positions consist of a rotation between the Rooms Division and Food & Beverage.
  • An application and pre-screening interview process takes place in September/October at the Dedman School of Hospitality prior to the experiences beginning the following May. The hotels conduct phone and video interviews with candidates selected in the pre-screening process. To apply, please complete an International Work Experience Application (PDF). Applications can be submitted to Alishia Piotrowski by email or turned in at UCB 4100.
  • This work experience will fulfill the student’s hospitality internship requirement.

Resort & Vacation Rental Management Internship Program

The Dedman School of Hospitality has a partnership with the Emerald Grande ResortResortQuest by Wyndham and St. Joe Club & Resorts in the Destin, Fla. area, to offer a resort and vacation rental management concentration that includes an internship representing approximately 500 hours of work experience. Each year approximately 35-40 students are selected to participate in this program with first priority given to Florida State Dedman School of Hospitality majors.

  • Student apartment housing has been arranged in nearby furnished apartments at a discounted rate.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the program, students take HFT 3941: Management Internship (6 credits), HFT 3270: Resort Operations (3 credits), and HFT 3515: Resort Marketing and Social Media (3 credits). Please download the Resort & Vacation Rental Management brochure (PDF) to see the options and more information about the program.
  • Acceptance into the program is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a tuition fee required to complete the concentration for the Resort & Vacation Rental Management program.
  • To learn more, contact Dr. Mark Bonn at 850-644-8244 or Alishia Piotrowski at 850-644-8245.
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