Dedman Campaign

Over the next few years, it’s our mission to solidify the FSU Dedman College of Hospitality as a consensus top 5 program in the nation and top 10 in the world. The campaign is focused on raising funds that support three primary areas: student recruitment, educational experiences, and alumni engagement.

Student Recruitment

Our efforts in continuing to educate the hospitality industry’s most prepared and successful graduates in the country begin with recruiting the best students at a top 20 university at Florida State.

Educational Experiences

We are committed to providing individualized educational experiences that focus on each student’s strengths and areas of improvement. Faculty and staff provide specific and purposeful recommendations through their networks and industry partnerships that best fits a student’s journey to graduation.

Alumni Engagement

Our goal is to engage alumni throughout their entire career with relevant and resourceful information that will connect them to current Dedman students, advance their profession and encourage giving back.

Naming Opportunities & Areas of Giving

Global Club Management & Leadership Program


Naming opportunity of the Global Club Management and Leadership major. The program launched in 2015 and is the only one of its kind in the world. It’s an academically rigorous program focused on the governance and operation of private clubs alongside a full hospitality curriculum. Majors are required to be a member of the Club Management Association of America, complete six months of internship(s), and attend a minimum of six industry events. Graduates of the program work at some of the world’s top ranked private clubs and organizations, including: Augusta National Golf Club, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Seminole Golf Club, the TPC Network/PGA Tour, and the PGA of America.

Recreation and Tourism Program


Naming opportunity of the newly acquired Recreation and Tourism major. Graduates are equipped to manage facilities, programs, and services that enrich people’s lives. Tourism and recreation activities are an integral part of every lifestyle and create memorable experiences. Billions of dollars are spent annually on leisure activities in both the private and public sectors.

Study Abroad


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Research Institute


Faculty research is a large part of Dedman’s foundation. It’s a driving reason for our rise in national and world rankings, as well as recognition amongst our peers. The institute is led by professor and world renown researcher, Dr. Woody Kim. Research published under the institute is instrumental in leading market decisions and is highly regarded by industry corporations and partners. This gift will go towards naming the research institute and will help to establish funds to bring in top researchers from around the world to contribute with faculty.

Office of Recruitment

rendering recruitment img 1
Rendering, Office of Recruitment
rendering recruitment img 1
Rendering, Office of Recruitment

Renovated named space located on the second floor of the Dedman College of Hospitality and will be dedicated to sharing the story of Dedman and furthering the name and brand across campus and the country. Will also include a named Director position that will lead the Office of Recruitment and be responsible for all operations including leading student ambassadors and tours for prospective students.

Office of Alumni Engagement


Renovated named space that will lead the efforts in communication and outreach towards Dedman alumni through a collaborative department-wide approach. Responsibilities will include coordination of the Director’s Club, the Dedman alumni annual giving society, as well as sharing the college's story and mission and communicating the latest updates on student and faculty accomplishments.

Little Dinner Series


Since 1957, every student’s academic career in Dedman culminates with the Little Dinner Series. Students work alongside instructors to create a series of four-course themed dinners, serving 2,500+ guests annually. The gift will go towards naming this widely popular – and a fundamentally important – piece in Dedman’s history and future.

Diversity in Hospitality Initiative


Creation and naming of a course focused on diversity in hospitality. The class could include a research project focused on enhancing diversity and inclusion within the hospitality industry. If not endowed, a five-year annual commitment would be needed.
$250K or $12K ANNUALLY

Creation of a scholarship awarded to a student that is participating in a study abroad program. Preference given to minorities and CARE students.
$250K or $12K ONE-TIME

Creation of a diversity panel discussion hosted during the Honors and Awards weekend each fall. Brings industry leaders to campus to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion.
$150K or $7.5K ANNUALLY

Creation of five programmatic scholarships with preference given to minorities or CARE students. Will assist in covering travel and living expenses for students who are participating in internship, conference or mentorship opportunities.
$150K or $1.5K ONE-TIME

Creation of three undergraduate scholarships with preference given to minorities or CARE students.
$150K or $3K ONE-TIME

Creation of a scholarship for the master's degree program with preference given to minorities.
$50K or $3K ONE-TIME

Staircase / College Entrance

rendering staircase entrance
Rendering of UCB 1st Floor Entrance

Located on the 1st floor of UCB, this highly visible naming opportunity is located at the staircase entrance into the Dedman College of Hospitality. This space is visible to not only all Dedman students, faculty and staff, but all visitors and prospective FSU students that come to the visitor center. There is also heavy foot traffic in this area on football game days and all patrons of the University Center Club and the Seminole Sportshop throughout the week.

Eminent Scholar Chair


Eminent Scholars serve to attract outstanding faculty to the Florida State University through excellence in teaching and research in a designated scholarly field. A named chair will be established through contributions from the private sector and matching funds from the State of Florida.


rendering alumni wall
Rendering of Alumni Wall, UCB 2nd Floor

This mezzanine area is located at the top of the staircase entrance and includes the main branding wall for the Dedman College of Hospitality. This atrium space will be remodeled to include digital branding and information about Dedman that include a list of alumni, travel and internship opportunities and faculty achievements. An additional plan for the space is to include backlighting so that the Dedman College of Hospitality and naming opportunity can be visible through the glass archway from outside of the stadium at night.

Executive Suite and 4th Floor Lobby


Located immediately after exiting the elevators on the 4th floor, this lobby and executive suite area is known as the “heart” of the Dedman College of Hospitality. This suite houses the Director’s office and executive staff as well as a space dedicated to the history and support from Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dedman.

Beverage Certificate Program


A certificate program awarded to students that complete specific courses developed and taught by the Dedman College of Hospitality faculty. Certificates allow students to stand out on their resume from their peers and offers a unique pool of knowledge to pull from.

Hall of Honor

rendering donor wall
Rendering, Hall of Honor (UCB 2nd Floor)

This lobby area is located right next to the Marriott Career and Professional Development Center and will proudly display notable alumni accomplishments. Also included, will be a showcase of influential donors and supporters of the Dedman College of Hospitality. This area will receive high visibility and foot traffic as every Dedman student and prospective student will walk through this area to enter the Marriott Center.



Dedicated faculty are arguably the most important piece to a student’s learning and education. Professorships are awarded to outstanding faculty that publish top research and lead the country in their knowledge and expertise. Four opportunities. Can be awarded to a faculty member within a particular focus.

Large Classroom

rendering lecture hall img 1
Rendering, Large Classroom/Lecture Hall
rendering lecture hall img 2
Rendering, Large Classroom/Lecture Hall

This 65-seat theater style classroom is home to the widely popular Wine and Culture class. This classroom will be remodeled with state-of-the-art teaching equipment and outfitted for virtual presentations. This classroom is also utilized for class speaker presentations from some of the industry’s most influential executives.

Medium Classroom

rendering small classroom 1
Rendering, Small Classroom
rendering small classroom 2
Rendering, Small Classroom

Two opportunities. This classroom seats 40 and will be remodeled to include state of the art teaching technology and outfitted for virtual teaching and presentations.

Conference Room


This conference room is located on the 4th floor of the Dedman College of Hospitality and serves as the main meeting space for the Dedman executive team, staff, and faculty. Room will be remodeled to include new equipment and technology for presentations.

Study Abroad Scholarships


One of Dedman’s core values is for students to partake in an international experience prior to graduation. Our goal is to ensure that financial resources are not a barrier for any student desiring to participate in a study abroad program. Named international study abroad scholarships start at $50K and are awarded to students attending the hospitality focused study abroad programs in Leysin, Switzerland and Florence, Italy.

Student Conference & Internship Travel


Many students must turn down opportunities because they cannot afford them. Gifts will go to offset the expense on students for conference and internship travel.

More Ways to Support

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For questions or more information about the ways you can contribute to the campaign, please contact our Director of Development.


Ally Rodriguez
Director of Development